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Initial Consultation Your home

$150 per appointmentFrom $83 per visit with Day Training 5 Week package passA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service. Show full pricing
Price $150
Behavior Focus Package $320 • 3 visits • The most cost effective solution for dogs showing any type of aggressive or fearful behavior. This package includes an initial consultation and two training sessions. ($350 value)
Service dog assessment $320 • 3 visits • This package allows us to assess your pet dog's suitability to become a service dog or to find a suitable candidate from a shelter or rescue. The package includes an initial consultation and two assessment sessions. ($350 value)
All The Basics Package $590 • 6 visits • A basic package of training for dogs in need of general obedience skills. You receive one-on-one instruction for creating a well-mannered family dog. ($525 value)
Behavior Intensive Package $590 • 6 visits • A great value for dogs showing multiple behavior issues or in need of intensive training on a single behavior issue. This package includes an initial behavior consultation and 5 behavior modification sessions. ($650 value)
Puppy Preschool Package $590 • 6 visits • A good option for puppies ages 8 to 16 weeks who are not able to attend a socialization class. Includes an introductory session in your home and 4 puppy training and socialization private lessons. ($440 value)
Reactive Rover Package $1,410 • 16 visits • This package allows us to do the training for you. Best for dogs showing barking, growling and lunging on leash toward other dogs. We teach your dog to walk politely in the neighborhood again.
Day Training 5 Week package $1,730 • 21 visits • A 5 week training package that includes the Initial Consultation + 15 private lessons + 5 transfer sessions.
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